2019 Christian Louboutin Special Orders

Being a Christian Louboutin VIP is not easy. You have to spend a great deal of money annually to be considered a high profile client. What does being a VIP get you? Freedom to create ANY shoe, using your imagination. More on that later. Below are images of a few examples of shoes Christian Louboutin special order shoes in 2019. Which are generally only offered to VIP clients.

Very few of these exist in the world, and the wait time for these range between 3-6 months. These were not readily available in stores- and had to be special ordered from their factory in Europe. They comprise of Swarovski crystals and spikes. Known as Potpourri by Christian Louboutin. They have satin or suede trim, giving them the pop they deserve.

Only the biggest spenders had access to purchase these. Retail price? 2595 Euro (2875 USD) for the low tops, and 3295 Euro (3650 USD) for the high tops.

Enjoy the eye candy! Stay tuned for the next blog post where I have a Q & A with one of Louboutin’s biggest clients! You wont believe the customs they have!

Whats your favorite 2019 custom? Drop your comments below!

6 thoughts on “2019 Christian Louboutin Special Orders

  1. Dean Malik says:

    Do they always have to have crystals?

  2. Alex Shtutman says:

    In this case, Louboutin had pre-designed these, and all included crystals. There is another tier of being a VIP where you can completely design your own shoe from scratch. I will touch up on this in my next blog post.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Alex Shtutman says:

    Yes, agreed!

  5. Dean Malik says:

    These are like Pokemón, gotta get them all

  6. Alex Shtutman says:

    haha yes exactly!

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