Red Sole Christian Louboutin mens sneaker womans heel

That Red Sole! How to Pick the Best Louboutin Shoes for You

If you’re a guy who loves to invest in some awesome new shoes, you’re far from alone. The average man has about 12 pairs of footwear that he can choose from and wear to a huge variety of events.

Whether you’re going for a casual or formal look, it’s important that you invest in a shoe that will let you show off in style. That’s why a pair of luxury Louboutin shoes is an essential part of every classy guy’s wardrobe. Here, we’re going to talk about how to pick the best shoes for your individual style, so read on for some ways to express yourself!

Red Sole Christian Louboutin mens sneaker womans heel

Louboutin Sizes

You’d think that it would be easy to choose a shoe size. After all, haven’t you been wearing pretty much the same one for your entire adult life? This is a valid thought, but it isn’t the case with finely-made luxury shoes. Every pair is tailored to a specific audience, and you’ll need to know the sizes that each fashion designer boasts.

When it comes to Louboutin, you’re in luck- there’s a size guide on their webpage that’s designed specifically to help first-time buyers. This guide outlines the sizes of both men’s and women’s luxury shoes in the US and the UK.

Louboutin uses a scale of 39-48 for sizing their men’s footwear, with a 39 being the equivalent of a US men’s size 6. Make sure that you measure your feet and know exactly what you need before ordering!

Branding That Works With Your Style

When choosing any wardrobe item, it’s important that it fits into your personal style.

Look into getting a pair of luxury sneakers if you’re a more sporty guy who likes to wear high-end tees and exercise wear. If you want to strut your stuff in sophisticated style, a pair of red-bottomed leather loafers might be right for you. Spike-studded sandals are perfect for those who want to go to the beach or to a park in style. There are so many options to consider that you’re sure to find something perfect for you!

There are tons of colors that you can choose from when you shop at Louboutin. You’ll want a pair of blue or green studded shoes if you tend to wear cool colors more often. If you love your yellows and reds, though, a pair of lemon-hued or orange-studded sneakers will make you seem firey and fashionable.

Consider Practicality

Aesthetics are one of the most important things when it comes to fashion, but practicality’s up there, too. By this, we basically mean that you should be selecting shoes that work for the majority of occasions that you’ll be wearing them to. Sneakers are perfect for exercise. If you’re going to a wedding or a formal dinner or are simply looking for a more professional style, there’s nothing like leather flats.

You’ll want to pick a versatile men’s style that works for multiple occasions. Consider following the spiked-shoe trend that Louboutin is so proud of. You’re bound to look amazing in a multitude of situations.

Authenticate Your Prospective Purchase

With luxury footwear like Louboutin shoes, you’ll need to check the authenticity of the product you’re buying. These shoes are super expensive and classy, and a lot of dishonest people will make knockoffs and pass them off as the real thing. This not only will cheat you out of your money, but it’ll give you a low-quality product that isn’t going to last long.

One method of Louboutin authentication is looking at their red soles. All authentic Louboutin shoes will have a bright, popping red painted on the bottom. It’ll be vibrant and glossy, while most fakes have more faded red soles or even orange ones.

Another telltale sign that your shoes aren’t legit are that their stitching is uneven. Louboutin stitching is small, tight, and even. Fakes generally have large, uneven stitching or stitching that’s coming undone. Avoid these at all costs!

If you’re buying something made from a high-end material like leather, make sure to examine the material. If there are a lot of cracks or if there’s any fading, stay away. It probably is a knockoff.

Look for Sales

Finally, when buying any luxury footwear, looking for sales as a must. Even if you have enough money to pay full price, getting a discount always feels good. It also allows you to have a little extra spending money that can go toward a second pair of cool new shoes.

Buying secondhand is a great way to get a discount. You don’t need to sacrifice quality to make this choice, either. All of our pre-owned men’s shoes are verified authentic and high-class. They’ll last a long time and look perfect in your closet… and on your feet.

More Info on Louboutin Shoes

There are tons of aspects to choosing the right heels, boots, or sneakers for any occasion. However, you can’t get overwhelmed! Shoe shopping is incredibly fun to do, so get pumped.

Now that you know how to choose Christian Louboutin shoes that work for your individual style, it’s time to get started! Contact us for more information on the latest footwear styles and trends. We’re excited to help you pick out shoes that will make you look amazing and eye-catching on any occasion, so make sure that you also browse our webpage for the best deals on luxury footwear!

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