Christian Louboutin Classic Collection is comprised of styles such as Louis Spikes, Louis Flats, Junior Spikes, and Junior Flats.  This collection presents simple colors that are easy to match with any outfit.

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Seavaste 2 Orlato Flat VV Powder


Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat


Greggo Orlato Flat Pat/Paill


Louis Flat Strass Black


Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat VV Fard


Rantulow Orlato Flat Suede Sulfure


Louis Junior Zip Spikes Flat Calf


Louis Orlato Flat Paill Scal VV


Louis Flat VV/Spikes Nuit


Louis Orlato Flat VV Amazone


Louis Flat Calf Spikes White


Louis Spikes Veau Velours Atlantic Blue