Christian Louboutin red bottom sneaker

Christian Louboutin Sole – Made in EU or Italy?

You see that beautiful red sole. One says “Made in EU” and the other says “Made in Italy”. How do you know which pair is authentic and which is a counterfeit? Many customers get confused when they see the differences in these products.

Christian Louboutin has many reasons to switch up his soles. One of the top reasons is to make it harder for counterfeiters to create fakes. Another reason is with newer technology the protection and integrity of the soles and heels are vastly improved.

So, why do some Christian Louboutin soles say “Made in EU” while others say “Made in Italy”? Search no further. Let us provide you with the most accurate information around!

Christian Louboutin red bottom sneaker
Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Sneaker

Christian Louboutin started creating shoes in 1992. Yes, it has been almost 30 years since the first red bottom was released! Trends came and went, but those red bottom soles never get old. However, authenticating is a big issue these days.

As time moves forward, the replicas have been getting better and better. This is exactly why the majority of my blog posts are about authenticating. My goal is to show customers ways to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit Christian Louboutins. So, let us start with the early designs.

Christian Louboutin “Made in Italy” Soles 1992-2012

Authentic Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Made in Italy
Authentic Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Made in Italy

Many “new age” buyers may not have seen this stamp on the bottoms of their shoes. That is because they stopped producing red soles like these in 2012. Why? Well, the main reason is that there was a need to change the material of the Louboutins. Oxidation, aka “yellowing”, of the product was an extremely common problem that many customers were concerned about. This caused a major issue- if you did not store the shoes correctly the crisp white sole would turn an off-white/yellow color.

Why would anyone want to buy and wear $1000+ Louboutin shoes that will eventually start to turn yellow? Starting in 2012, they switched their factories and started to use new materials that led to more of an off-white colored sole. Above is an example of a sub-2012 sole. Notice the “Made in Italy” is debossed in the soles.

In addition, the “Louboutin” on the bottom of the shoes is NOT glossy like it is with the new styles. When authenticating a shoe it is VERY important to have an idea as to when the shoe was produced because of this change. New shoes without a glossy sole would be deemed fake. Meanwhile, Louboutin shoes produced before 2012 with a glossy sole is a good indicator that the red bottoms authenticity should be questioned!

Christian Louboutin “Made in EU” Soles 2012-2019

Authentic Christian Louboutin Made in EU sole
Authentic Christian Louboutin Made in EU Sole

Above you have the sole most people are familiar with. The beautiful, glossy Louboutin “Made in EU” sole. This is the first change from the 2012 “Made in Italy” sole. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but the company has now started using a more off-white sole. This coloring does NOT oxidate or turn yellow.

Now you can start buying these shoes and not have to worry about the Louboutins looking old after a few years. You can see how the logo on the bottom of the shoe is glossy, unlike the original sole which was flat. You can also notice a much cleaner debossing of the “Made in EU” text.

Now to touch base on the stickers you see on the soles of these shoes. Keep in mind they may vary. Some look like the ones shown above. Others will look like the shoes in the photo below.

Christian Louboutin “Made in Italy” Soles 2019-Present

Authentic Christian Louboutin New Made in Italy sole
Authentic Christian Louboutin New Made in Italy Sole

Introducing the new and improved “Made in Italy” sole. New styles from 2019 are now accompanied by these beautiful new red soles. The material is more firm, meaning more protection for the customer. Louboutin has also made it easier to clean. The company moved the production once again back to Italy.

This time you see an embossed “Made in Italy” logo, rather than a debossed one like the logo on the original product. Not only does it look better, it protects from heel drag. In addition, the new Louboutins now come with a “Made in Italy” sticker. Although this is the new sole, a few models may STILL say made in EU.

Christian Louboutin Sole Leather vs Plastic

All Louboutin soles are made of leather giving them that perfect glossy finish, similar to bright nail polish. This unique color not only provides the shoe with its signature look, it makes it harder for counterfeiters to copy. Many fakes have red coloring that is close, but not a perfect match.

Also, many fakes are made of plastic but will say it is made of leather. The logos for the leather do tend to differ slightly depending on the items manufactured date. Newer models will have “Real Leather” stamped on them and while older ones will have “Vero Cuoio” stamped on them. Do not worry if you see this foreign phrase, it simply means “Real Leather” in Italian.

Leather red sole of a Christian Louboutin dress shoe
Leather Red Sole of a Christian Louboutin Dress Shoe

Spacing and Signature

Another thing a customer should be aware of on newer shoes is the spacing of the words “Made in Italy”. Authentic products will always have spaces between each word. Counterfeit shoes will often combine the words into the single word.

For example, “MadeInItaly” would not be right. A customer must be weary of all these little differences to help determine which logo is authentic. The lettering inscribed on the sole is also a determining factor when it comes to authentication.

On a real product, the loop on the top of the “L” will appear to be almost touching the rest of the “L.” With a counterfeit, the loop on the “L” will not touch creating a noticeable space. This is easy to overlook, but key in authenticating the items. The logo itself should always have a glossy, stamped look.

Take note that the rubber itself is red and not painted red. Any imperfection on the non-red part of the shoe is a clear indication of a counterfeit.

Christian Louboutin Lou Spike sneaker real vs fake comparison - red bottom sole differences
Christian Louboutin Lou Spike Sneaker Real vs Fake comparison

Sizing is Key

Christian Louboutin is an Italian brand thus their measurements are often represented in Italian sizing. Counterfeiters target the American market and in familiar style, offer United States sizing (such as 7). However, this is a dead give away to the product being counterfeit.

Be sure to double check the soles to ensure that the scale is represented in Italian sizes (such as 37). In addition, Christian Louboutin often uses fractions, not decimals, to indicate their half sizes. The size should read 37 1/2, NOT 37.5.

A crisp image of the bottom of a Louboutin sneaker
Bottom of a Louboutin Sneaker

Shopping with Confidence

The soles are just another aspect to take note of when authenticating a pair of shoes. The more information a customer gathers on red bottoms the easier it will be to make a clear decision. Always keep in mind WHEN the pair of shoes you are purchasing was produced.

If you have any concerns with a pending purchase, we can help authenticate those beautiful red soles for you! Please feel free to explore our site for any other questions you may have.

We also provide shopping assistants and fashion designers that can match you with the right size and fit to compliment any outfit. It is important to wear items that add confidence to yourself, why not start today?

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