Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Made in Italy

Christian Louboutin Sole, Made in EU or Italy?

You see that beautiful red sole. One says Made in EU and the other says Made in Italy. Whats the difference?? Is one fake? Are they real? Thats the big question. Many people always get confused. And thats the idea. Christian Louboutin has many reasons to switch up their soles. One of the reasons are to make it harder for counterfeiters to create fakes. This is a question I most often get. Why do some soles say Made in EU while other say Made in Italy? Well, we’ve got the answer!

Christian Louboutin first started in 1992. Yes. Its been almost 30 years since the first red bottom was released! Trends came and went, but it seems that the red bottom never gets old. Authenticating is a big issue these days. As time moves forward, the replicas have been getting better and better. This is exactly why the majority of my blog posts are about authenticating, and showing you ways to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit Christian Louboutin’s.

Now, back to the point of this post. Lets start with the early Made in Italy.

Christian Louboutin Early Made in Italy sole


Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Made in Italy

Most of the “new age” buyers haven’t seen these. They stopped making these soles in 2012. Why? Well, the main reason is that they needed to change the material of the sole. Oxidation, aka “yellowing”, of the sole was extremely common. This caused a big issue- as if you did not store the shoes correctly that crisp white sole would turn an off white/yellow color. Why spend $1000+ on a shoe that will just turn yellow?? Starting from 2012, they switched their factories and started using new materials that led to more of an off-white colored sole. Above is an example of a sub 2012 sole. You see the “Made in Italy” is debossed in the sole. In addition, the “Louboutin” on the bottom of the shoes IS NOT glossy like it is with the new styles. When authenticating a shoe it is VERY important to have an idea as to when the shoe was produced. A new shoe without a glossy sole would be deemed fake, meanwhile a shoe produced before 2012 without a glossy sole does not necessarily mean they are fake!

Christian Louboutin Made in EU sole


Christian Louboutin Made in EU sole

Here you have the sole most of you are most familiar with. The beautiful, glossy “Louboutin” Made in EU sole. This is the first facelift from the 2012 made in Italy sole. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but they have now started using a more off white sole, which does NOT oxidate or turn yellow. Now you can start buying $1000+ shoes and not have to worry about the shoes looking old after a few years. You can see how the Louboutin logo on the bottom of the shoe is glossy, unlike the original sole which was flat. You can also notice a much cleaner looking debossing of the Made in EU text. Now to touch base on the stickers you see on the sole. They vary. Some look like the ones as shown above. Others will look like the one in the photo below.

Christian Louboutin New Made in Italy sole.


Christian Louboutin New Made in Italy sole

Introducing the new and improved Made in Italy sole. New styles from 2019 are now accompanied with this beautiful new sole. The material is more firm, and believe it or not, easier to clean. The production was moved once again, for an unknown reason to me, if you know why leave a comment below! This time you see an embossed Made in Italy logo, rather than a debossed like the original sole was. Not only does it look better in my opinion, but it also seems to help with heel drag as its another barrier to get through. In addition, the new soles now come with a made in Italy sticker. Now, although this is the new sole, a few models STILL say made in EU. So just because you want to purchase a new shoe and it does not say made in Italy, it does not mean they are fake.

The sole is just another aspect to take note of when authenticating shoes. Just be aware when the shoe you are purchasing was produced. That will depend on the sole they have! Of course, if you have any concerns with a pending purchase, we can authenticate for you! Just CLICK HERE.

A special thank you to en304 and jokersmile for the assist.

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