Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Sole Authentication

Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Sole Authentication

The Three Different Christian Louboutin Sneaker Soles

Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Sole Authentication

Today we will take a look at the three different sneaker soles that Christian Louboutin has used since the beginning! This will help a lot of you with authentication as well. Most people believe that Christian Louboutin has kept the same sole since 1992, but this is far from the truth!

The Original (1992-2012)

This sole was used between 1992-2012. Seemingly uncommon now, many people who see this sole think the shoe is a replica. This is not true! Here you can see that the sole is flat, instead of the usual glossy you see now. You can also see the “Made in Italy” text is de-bossed, rather than the new style which is embossed. Lastly, you can see how close the red bottom gets to the outer sole. This sole was discontinued in 2012 for improvements. Unfortunately these soles were prone to oxidation (yellowing).

The Upgrade to EU (2012-2019)

This sole was used between 2012 and 2019. And what an upgrade it was! Seemingly using a brighter white and a much smoother rubber. Christian Louboutin swapped factories to the EU. Reasons unknown to me, all I know is that the sole looks SO much better. Introducing the glossy “Louboutin” text, the red sole is much cleaner with sharper edges.

The Final Switch (2019- Present)

Here we have the most recent sole that we see today. Used from 2019, Christian Louboutin switched back over to the factories in Italy. This time, using the rubber and red bottom look of the 2012-2019 red sole. Keeping the clean lines with the glossy “Louboutin” text. The only difference is the “Made in Italy” text at the heel has become embossed. As you can see, the timeline has greatly improved the quality of the Christian Louboutin sneaker. Do not always assume the shoe is fake if it is something you have never seen before! Companies make changes over the years. Happy shopping! And do not forget that we authenticate! Just click here!

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