Christian Louboutin: Real vs Fake Comparison

Today we will be comparing an authentic with a counterfeit Christian Louboutin Lou Spike sneaker. Hopefully these photos can help you determine if your Louboutin shoe is authentic or a counterfeit. There are TONS of counterfeit Louboutin’s currently on the market. All are different. I will be doing write ups of different comparisons over time so you can see the different types of fakes that circulate. Always be careful when purchasing on the second hand market. If you need our experts to authenticate a pair of Christian Louboutin’s that you plan on purchasing, click here.

What Makes an Authentic Christian Louboutin Shoe?

Lets begin with the image above. Here the top shoe is authentic, with the bottom shoe being fake. First, lets discuss the shape of the shoe. The authentic shoe holds more of a structured shape than the fake shoe. You can also notice that the patch on the side of the shoe is filled out on the authentic shoe. On the fake shoe the patch will seem thinner and less structured. In addition the metal logo will seem debossed. The metal logo should not be pushed into the patch. From this angle, the shape and the patch is your best tell. You can also notice the grommets (ventilation holes) are a bit closer together on the fake shoe, but this can vary between shoes.

Take notice of the Christian Louboutin Toe Spikes!

In this second image, once again you can see that the shape of the authentic shoe has significantly more structure to it. This is a pretty good fake, So observe carefully! You may also notice the spikes. On the fake shoe, the spikes on the toe box are causing an indentation into the patent leather. The authentic shoe does not have spikes that cause an indentation in the toe box.

The Signature Christian Louboutin Shape is Key.

Looking at the rear of the shoe, once again you can see that the structure is the issue. As I mentioned before, all fakes are created differently. Some are better than others. In this particular case, the biggest tell would be the structure of the shoe. If you look closely at the stitching on the outer sole, you can see that the stitching on the fake shoe is a bit sloppy and further apart compared to the authentic pair.

Double Check that Red Bottom!

Most people assume that the sole of the shoe is the easiest tell. In this case, it is not! Both of the soles have a glossy finish, with the correct placement of the logos. One major thing you may notice is that the sole on the authentic shoe has a deeper red color than that of the fake shoe. Always be careful with the sole. A glossy finish does not always mean that the shoe is real.

A Closer Look at the Sole.

Finally we look at the box. In this case, the box is actually a pretty easy tell. Especially to someone who is familiar with the brand. What you can see is that the color of the fake box is off. It is more glossy, with the striations being more prominent than on the authentic box. Another tell is that the Louboutin logo on the side of the box is crooked compared to the authentic box where it is straight. The final tell is more or less obvious. Which is that the model name on the box does not match the shoe. So unless the seller states that the shoe box is a replacement, that should give it away.

You must always consider getting a professional opinion if you are buying from the second market. Sadly many people buy Christian Louboutin’s thinking that they got a good deal, but in fact- the shoe is fake. So always double check your sources! Click here for help authenticating!

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