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Fine D3sign can authenticate your Louboutin’s through our special Christian Louboutin Authentication Service! We go through an extensive authentication process to make sure your shoes and accessories are 100% authentic! Many people have used our services for both buying and selling. We have had tons of buyers use our Christian Louboutin Authentication Service because they were unsure about an item. This service is also ideal if you are looking to sell an authentic item that you currently do not have proof for.

We have moved! Check out our partner company Authenticate Detective and authenticate over 70 brands!

We have moved! Check out our partner company Authenticate Detective and authenticate over 70 brands!

Are These Christian Louboutin’s Louis Pythons Fake?

Authenticating Christian Louboutin is a challenge many consumers face. Lack of information and expertise makes it very hard to tell if this pair of Louis Pythons shoes are legitimate. Thankfully, Fine D3sign is the industry leader when it comes to Christian Louboutin authentication. From sneakers to loafers, authenticating any pair of Christian Louboutin’s shoes is something we excel at.

Shoes aren’t the only item we authenticate! We also authenticate Louboutin bags and accessories. There are several ways to determine the validity of Christian Louboutin products. Luckily, at Fine D3sign we have a team of highly-trained professionals that are here to help you every step of the way.

Christian Louboutin Authentication Service Types

This Christian Louboutin Authentication service is an affordable way to get some peace of mind. 

Email Opinion:  $15

Email Certificate of Authenticity:  $25


For legitimate designer brands, Fine D3sign is on an everlasting quest to fight fakes and counterfeits. For over 10 years, we have acquired critical knowledge and information about Christian Louboutin in order to identify whether the product is legitimate or not. We have been countlessly recognized as the best and most trusted leader in authentication. Check out our quick tips in distinguishing whether items are fake or not!

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reply as soon as possible with further instructions.

A legitimate pair of Christian Louboutin Louis Python flat

 These photos MUST include:

  •  Frontal View
  •  Side View
  •  Rear View
  •  Photo of the sole
  •  Photo of the logo on the sole
  •  Photo of the box (if available)
  •  Photo of the label on the box (if available)

    Please select multiple files using ctrl or shift, or tap to select on mobile. Max file size is 5MB.

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    Christian Louboutin Authentication Requirements

    In order for us to complete our Christian Louboutin authentication service, we need a range of different images. For example, to authenticate shoes will we need multiple photos from different angles. These include images of the sides, box, sole, and the dust bag if applicable. For bags, we require pictures of the inside, outside, strap, handle, and tag. Depending on the type of item, the individual images will differ in quantity and subject.

    If the images you entered are unclear, then we will request additional images from you. Each item needs one authentication form. If you need more than one product authenticated, please submit one form per item.

    Our Christian Louboutin Authentication Service’s Response Time

    For our Christian Louboutin Authentication Service, we typically respond to your request within 48 hours. This time will vary depending on the product and how clear the images are. For more immediate situations, please contact us here!

    So, which authentication service is right for you? Let’s break down each option.

    Christian Louboutin Authentication Email of Opinion

    You’ve found the perfect pair of Louboutin red bottom shoes in a store or on a website. However, you can’t be sure they are legitimate. They have the signature red bottom, the box looks legit, and a dust bag is included, but you just can’t be positive.

    If this sounds familiar, an email of opinion is a great option to ease your mind. It’s easy, quick, and affordable.

    Our professional opinion via email option does not include a certificate or a formal authentication document. It is an opinion of the authenticity of the item in question. Based on Fine D3sign’s extensive Louboutin authenticity knowledge, this quick reference email is essential for buyers.

    Christian Louboutin Certificate of Authentication

    Email authentication is the correct option for sellers looking to make a quicker sale. Having an authentication certificate immediately builds trust with consumers and increases brand credibility. Also, it may increase the price of the item!

    Buyers will be impressed and their minds will be put at ease when they see this official certificate.

    This option has the highest chance of meeting the requirements for posting items online. It is also extremely useful when disputing claims through eBayPayPal, and credit card companies. However, we can not guarantee this because third parties often have their own requirements.

    Our certificate of authenticity is signed and emailed to the email address provided. This is guaranteed to ease the buyer’s mind. This especially holds true when buying Christian Louboutin items and shoes!

    Christian Louboutin’s Trademark Attempts

    Louboutin has worked tirelessly to protect his creations from copiers and counterfeiters. He brought design group, Yves Saint Laurent, to court over their use of red soles on some of their shoes. He then sued vanHaren, in 2012 over the same issue. To fix the counterfeit shoe problem, the designer has set up his own website.

    In February 2018, it was ruled that his red soles could not be considered a separate component from the label. Thus, Louboutin’s efforts to patent his signature red soles suffered a setback. This undermined his allegations of trademark infringement.

    Christian Louboutin Fakes on the Rise

    Over the last year, there were over 50 million dollars in sales of fake Louboutin items. Year after year, the profits made from fake Louboutin products continue to rise.

    Because his shoes are in such high demand, these are the most counterfeit product. However, there are several telltale signs of fake Louboutin shoes. Consumers should use these tips and tricks to help spot fake Christian Louboutins.

    For questionable products, utilizing our authenticity services is sure to help buyers and sellers. This includes bags, accessories, shoes, and more. It never hurts to have an expert opinion and at Fine D3sign we make authenticating quick, easy, and affordable!

    Other Christian Louboutin Services

    Fine D3sign is your one stop shop for all of your shopping needs. Can’t find something that you have been looking for? Check out our personal shopping service! Want to try a new style? Have a professional stylist pick out your next wardrobe! We are here for all of your shopping needs. Always feel free to contact us anytime!