Gucci, A Standout Brand

Beginning as an elegant leather bag store in Florence in 1921, the Italian brand, Gucci, has continued to conquer the fashion industry. Today the brand Gucci has become synonymous with bold, vibrant ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. A global powerhouse, Gucci pairs modern shapes with whimsical patterns and unexpected embellishments to create its distinctive look. Under the guidance of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the memorable collections have received industry accolades for their mash-up of styles, eras, and cultures.

Italian Elegance Brought to Life

For decades, Gucci has represented Italian craftsmanship in a superior manner. The 21st century continues this tradition. From their signature GG men’s shirts to their elegant GG women’s black leather belt, Gucci boldly attracts the envious eye of onlookers. The colorful materials, unique motifs, and extraordinary detail make Gucci apparel a piece of wearable art. Apparel and accessories are not the only items this brand offers. Luxury mugs, pillows, tables, and trays are among the exclusive decor pieces sought after by many high-class individuals. From a signature Gucci shirt to a GG leather tote to a silk scarf, Fine D3sign can help you find the item you need.

Want More Gucci?

Need help finding that unique look? Fine D3sign has got your back. Our personal stylists have over 10 years of experience and are known to dress the most elite athletes and celebrities. Can’t find that one unique garment? Let one of our personal shoppers do the work for you!

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