The Start of Something Great

In 1992, Christian Louboutin launched his namesake label with two close friends in Paris. The following year, the signature red sole was created. Widely credited with reviving the sexy stiletto silhouette, Louboutin uses exotic leather, luxe fur, and heavy embellishments to produce standout footwear and statement-making bags. Starting in 2011, Louboutin started his men’s shoe line.

Louboutin Breaks into Men’s Footwear

By 2011, Christian Louboutin was a world-famous name. From the classic red sole stiletto to designer handbags, the fashion industry was obsessed with this mogul’s brand. With this success, Louboutin decided it was the perfect time to break into men’s footwear. By this time, there was a shift in the way men saw themselves and their fashion ware. For men, shoes started becoming less of an everyday item and more of a treasured object or collector’s item. The newest, most exclusive shoe was something to be coveted and revered. This change in ideology led to a boom in men’s fashion footwear. So in 2011, Louboutin started his men’s shoe line at an exclusive store in Paris. Quickly realizing the high demand for men’s fashion shoes, Louboutin expanded his distribution. With ever-changing style, size, and variety, Christian Louboutin’s sneaker line has something for everyone. His sneakers are truly one of a kind. From the signature embroidered stamp to that crisp red bottom, these sneakers are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go.

Want More Louboutin?

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Lou Spikes VS Flat Glit

$1,095.00 $850.00

Louis Junior Orlato Flat Jean

$795.00 $695.00

Louis Orlato Flat VV Capitaine

$895.00 $750.00

Louis Orlato Flat VV Fusain

$1,295.00 $995.00

Louis Orlato Flat Calf Nirvana

$995.00 $750.00

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat Nirvana

$895.00 $795.00

Louis Orlato Flat VV

$895.00 $750.00

Rantulow Orlato Flat

$795.00 $695.00

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat

$945.00 $795.00

Rantulow Orlato Flat Tissu Deco

$795.00 $695.00

Dedilouis Flat Suede Calf

$1,895.00 $1,195.00

Lou Spikes Orlato Flat Mesh X

$1,045.00 $845.00

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat


Python Louis Spikes

$1,995.00 $895.00

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato

$895.00 $795.00

Orlato Flat Calf Blue

$895.00 $695.00

Rantulow Orlato Flat Tresse

$895.00 $695.00

Lou Spikes Orlato Flat Tissu

$1,045.00 $895.00

Lou Spikes Orlato Flat Resille

$1,045.00 $895.00

Louis Orlato Flat CLF/DEN

$995.00 $850.00

Louis Junior Spikes VS Flat

$995.00 $825.00

Louis Junior Spikes Sky

$895.00 $725.00

AC Lou Pik Pik Flat

$1,295.00 $900.00

AC Lou Spikes Orlato Flat Natural

$995.00 $795.00

Lou Spikes Flannel

$995.00 $795.00

Louis Orlato Flat Serig

$1,095.00 $895.00

Louis Junior Orlato Flat

$895.00 $750.00

Seavaste 2 Flat Multi

$995.00 $895.00

Lou Spikes Orlato Flat

$1,045.00 $895.00

Rantulow Orlato Flat Gomme

$895.00 $725.00

Rantus Orlato Flat Cervo Silver

$995.00 $795.00

Seavaste 2 Orlato Flat VV Powder

$1,095.00 $895.00

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato Flat

$1,045.00 $795.00

Louis Junior Orlato Flat Black

$850.00 $725.00

Lou Spikes Orlato Flat Mesh Iridescent

$1,095.00 $895.00

Louis Orlato Flat Strass Red

$2,995.00 $2,395.00