Welcome to our Christian Louboutin Authentication Service!

Have Fine D3sign authenticate your Louboutin’s!  We go through an extensive authentication process to make sure your shoes and accessories are authentic!

Valid for Christian Louboutin shoes and accessories only.  This option is an affordable way to get some piece of mind.   Please keep in mind we can not guarantee that this opinion will work with Paypal or eBay claims. 

Email Opinion:  $15

Email Certificate of Authenticity:  $20

Printed, Signed & Mailed Certificate of Authenticity: $40


Fine D3sign has been specializing in Louboutin for over 10 years.  Our team has enough experience where we believe we can guarantee our opinion. 

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reply with further instruction.

Off White eagle logo T Shirt with Croc Hermes bag and KAWS dolls

 These photos MUST include:

  •  Frontal View
  •  Side View
  •  Rear View
  •  Photo of the sole
  •  Photo of the logo on the sole
  •  Photo of the box (if available)
  •  Photo of the label on the box (if available)

Please select multiple files using ctrl or shift, or tap to select on mobile. Max file size is 5MB.

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