Are my Christian Louboutins Real or Fake?

Christian Louboutin is widely known as the most counterfeited footwear brand.  The second hand market is filled with replica shoes.  You find a pair for a great price.  The question is, are they the real deal?  We all know you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a fake shoe. But the sad truth is that most people can’t tell if what they’re buying is an authentic Christian Louboutin.  I am here to help assist and educate you on a few ways to tell the difference between a fake and an genuine Christian Louboutin.  There are some good fakes, and some bad fakes.  Poorly made fakes are quite easy to spot.  Let’s take a look at what may be considered a “1:1 replica”.

A real Christian Louboutin sole

Let’s start with the sole of the shoe.  The “Christian Louboutin” logo on the bottom of the shoe is actually the best way to tell if your shoe is fake.  Unfortunately for consumers, each counterfeit shoe is made differently.  There are always tons of variations.  I got my hands on a fake shoe and will do my best to save your hard earned money.  

Christian Louboutin sole

The above image shows the logo on the sole of the shoe.  The top logo is authentic, while the bottom is fake.  Whats the difference?  The main way to differentiate between the two is looking at the font.  The counterfeit pair is much messier.  The letters in the logo are spread out, while the authentic shoe is tight and even.  In addition, the L on the authentic pair is deeply and cleanly engraved, while the counterfeit item is more shallow. 

Does your Louboutin have an authentic patch?

Another tell sign is the Louboutin patch on the side panel.  In this example, we have the top photo being authentic, while the bottom is a counterfeit.  The best way to differentiate the two is noticing how uneven the cut is on the counterfeit shoe. 

Christian Louboutin patch

In addition, the counterfeit pair is flatter, meanwhile the authentic pair is more embossed.  Contrary to popular belief, some people think that when a spike touches the patch, they are fake.  This is NOT true.  Different sizes in shoes will lead to very slight differences in spike arrangement.  Especially when you see sizes 39-40. 

Take a Closer Look at Your Box

Now lets take a look at the box.  A quality replica shoe is quite difficult to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit.  The best way I can show this is with this image below. 

Christian Louboutin sticker

The TOP image is AUTHENTIC meanwhile the BOTTOM image is COUNTERFEIT.  Take a look at the curvature on the label.  Authentic Christian Louboutin’s will have a more rounded corner, while the counterfeits will have a sharper corner.

A Genuine Louboutin Dust Bag

Next let us quickly touch upon the dust bags.  Each counterfeit shoe will have a variation of a fake dust bag- so it really is tough to pinpoint exact differences. 

Christian Louboutin dust bag

In the above example, the TOP photo is AUTHENTIC, and the BOTTOM is FAKE.  Here you can see that the counterfeit dust bag is darker in color, the “hristian” is spread out (like the logo on the bottom of the shoe we discussed above).  If you had these in hand- you would also be able to notice the counterfeit dust bag is quite thin and flimsy.  

Beware of Unreleased Styles

I would like to touch upon one more thing. A couple of years ago there were tons of replica shoes being sold. These pairs shown below are the ones that were manufactured and are 100% FAKE. Christian Louboutin corporate actually got word of these and it became an internal issue. If you are suspect about your shoes- please be mindful when comparing these with the pairs you have. Some of these are quite similar to actual styles that were released.

Fake Christian Louboutin shoes

Starting from the top left, in the first photo- if your Pavot (red) sneakers have silver eyelets (the metal circular piece that the laces go through), your shoes are fake. If you have the model in photo number 2 (the light blue), your shoes are fake. This style never released. In photo number 3 (top left), if your blue shoes have silver eyelets, your shoes are fake. In photo number 4 (bottom left), that style NEVER released. Moving on to photo number 5 (bottom middle), if your shoes have silver eyelets, they are fake. Last but not least, in photo number 6 (bottom right), this color way never released with a clear sole.

Double check your receipts

In addition, the photo below shows the receipt that was circulating with these fake shoes. Again, please be mindful when comparing receipts. The store AND sales associate on this receipt EXIST and are REAL (shout out to the homie B. Allen). If you would like to compare with your receipt, the best way is to see if your “customer reference” telephone number matches the one below. Also, there will always be a date on the top right corner where it says “created on”.

Counterfeit Christian Louboutin receipt

Overall there are several different types of counterfeit shoes you may run into.  It is always good to get them authenticated by a reputable source.  Click this link to authenticate your Christian Louboutins!

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