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8 Tips on Matching Men’s Sneakers with Outfits

What if you weren’t getting the most out of your sneakers? We all know that a solid pair of sneakers looks great and feels comfortable. But in the right hands, men’s sneakers can make your entire outfit “pop” with style.

Wondering how you can start matching your sneakers and outfits for an incredible look? Keep reading to discover our hottest tips!

1. Flashy Meets Neutral

Dressing stylishly can be a tricky business. If you have flashy clothes as well as flashy sneakers, then it can make your entire outfit look way too loud and distracting.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to balance the really flashy with the calm and neutral. For example, someone wearing bright colors on top should wear neutral (think earth tones) shoes. If you want to show off some bright and flashy shoes, then, you would wear those neutral colors on top.

Ultimately, this fashion rule is very straightforward. Not every bit of clothing can stand out at the same time, so you need to be selective about what you show off, and this starts with your sneakers.

2. Match Accessories and Shoes

Here’s another simple fashion rule: men’s sneakers should match the rest of your style of dress. Unless you are dressing down more formal wear (more on this later), your shoes should have the same energy as the rest of your outfit, and this extends to your accessories.

If you are rocking some really high-end sneakers, then your accessories should be equally fancy. But if you’re rocking some lowkey sneakers, you want your accessories to be equally chill.

You can avoid this problem altogether by paying close attention to your entire outfit before you head out. Most of the time, mismatched sneakers and accessories happen because someone is in a hurry and running out the door!

3. Watch Those Pants

When you spend a lot of money on a great pair of sneakers, your goal is simple: you want people to notice. But what if the rest of your clothes are getting in the way?

The biggest obstacle to people noticing your new kicks is your pants. If you have big pants, then they may be covering up your shoes. This is uncomfortable and also defeats the purpose of wearing stylish shoes!

You can keep your pants at bay by tailoring everything to your size or pinning up the ends of your pants. Not only does this show off your shoes, but it makes your entire outfit look more stylish!

4. Know When to Follow (and Break) Dress Codes

As much as we love sneakers, they are still considered very casual. That’s why you need to pay attention to any dress codes before you pick out your outfit.

For example, a restaurant or event requiring formal dress may ban sneakers altogether. In those cases, you need to reach past your favorite sneakers and grab some dressier shoes.

When the dress code is more relaxed, though, you can pair sneakers with formal clothing to great effect. Wearing dress sneakers plus a suit (tie optional) makes you look dressy but relaxed. And this is a great move when you don’t want to look overly stuffy.

5. Different Shoes for Different Styles

Not every shoe is suitable for every style. To really match sneakers and outfits, you must learn about what shoes go with what styles.

For example, in our “sneakers with suit” example above, trainers are the best shoes to use. And when you aren’t rocking a suit, trainers go well with simple lines and solid colors for a clean, uncluttered look.

Despite “retro” being right there in the name, retro trainers work best with more modern outfits. Today’s style and yesterday’s shoes can give you an awesome “something old, something new” vibe.

Lifestyle runners are great shoes for the gym. Outside of the gym, they pair well with overcoats and hoodies for a “casual but stylish” look.

Finally, high-tops go great with a smart-but-casual outfit. This is great when you want to feel comfortable but also look like the most stylish man in the room.

6. Shoes and Schedules

Our next bit of advice is nice and simple. However, plenty of guys don’t realize this until it’s too late.

What’s the advice? You need to pay close attention to your schedule before heading out the door.

If you don’t do this, it’s easy to pick sneakers that go with one event and not another. Slip-ons are perfect shoes for heading to class or a casual stroll outside, for example, but they are terrible if you’re heading to the gym.

It’s easier said than done, but try to find sneakers that look good and work well for everything you need to do outside the house!

7. Buy Entire Outfits

Part of what makes it difficult to match sneakers and outfits is that you have so many options. And it can be intimidating going through your entire closet and figuring out which sneakers work best with which shirts, hoodies, jeans, and pants.

The simplest way around this is to buy entire outfits at once. Instead of buying shoes and clothes at different points throughout the year, try to buy everything for a great outfit (or two) in a single trip.

You’ll save a lot of time in the long run by doing this. And you’ll get a chance to check your look well before you get home!

8. Solid Colors for Work

Some workplaces are too strict to allow for sneakers while others are more permissive. If you’re going to wear sneakers to work, though, we recommend sticking to solid colors.

Solid white sneakers go well with almost any workplace ensemble. They won’t clash with your outfit, and you’ll be comfortable all throughout the day.

You can also experiment with coordinating other colors with the rest of your outfit. Bright red sneakers and a bright red tie, for instance, will give you a coordinated look that helps you stand out from your peers.

Men’s Sneakers and Outfits: What Next?

Now you know how to match men’s sneakers and outfits. But do you know how to take your fashion to the next level?

We provide a range of services, including personal shopping and styling. To see how we can transform your wardrobe, contact our style specialist today!

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